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New Zealand rail vehicles:



Locomotive lists[]

Class Type
DA class (including DAA and DAR) Mainline diesel
DB class (including DBR) Mainline diesel
DC class (including DCP) Mainline diesel
DF class (English Electric) Mainline diesel
DF class (General Motors) Mainline diesel
DG and DH class Mainline diesel
DH class Shunting locomotive
DI class Mainline diesel
DJ class Mainline diesel
DL class Mainline diesel
DQ and QR class Mainline diesel
DS class Shunting locomotive
DSA class Shunting locomotive
DSB class Shunting locomotive
DSC class Shunting locomotive
DSG class Shunting locomotive
DSJ class Shunting locomotive
TR class Shunting locomotive
EF class Mainline electric

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